29 August 2012

Global Feast 2012...Latin American Night!

Global Feast 2012 was an awesome event and I contributed to the cooking...twice!

What was it?
Global Feast was a feasting event held around an amazing 15 meter table...well not just a table... more like a table shaped flattened globe. An incredible artistic feat created by Alex Haw of Latitudinal Cuisine. Latitudinal Cuisine hosts meals year round based on the local cuisine of a particular Longitude. The summer finds them in the middle of the ocean so to fill in the gap Alex came up with Global Feast.

Global Feast coincided with the Olympics and was held just down the road from the Olympic Park at Stratford Town Hall. It included twenty meals each with guest chef representing a different cuisine for up to 80 guests. The first night showcased British cuisine while guests viewed the Opening ceremony and sipped Cava. The last evening was a Brazilian feast held the night after the closing ceremony symbolising the hand-off of the torch to the new hosts in Rio. Kerstin Rodgers (aka MsMarmiteLover) food blogger for The English Can Cook and a well-known London supper club host curated the event by coordinating supper club hosts as guest chefs and sourcing the ingredients for their exotic menus.

I got involved because Cherry of FedByTang supper club invited me along as helper for her Chinese Night. It was incredible...have a look at the details here. While there, I discovered Kerstin herself was guest chef for Mexican/Latin American night. As you can imagine, her task of curating this 20 day eating extravaganza was massive, so she asked if I would help her for Mexican night. My task? Prepare dessert for 80 (Yes 80) the night before...lug it to Stratford and then help her prepare canapes, starter and main. Thursday night I was up to the wee hours baking chile chocolate cake and preparing custard for cinnamon ice cream. A taxi ride took me, my 6 cakes and 16 pints of custard to Stratford at 9am Friday morning where cooking commenced.

What an ambitious menu to prepare on the day...80 tamales were part of the starter and then freshly seared tuna for the main. I recently had a tamale cooking practice session in Arizona (blog coming soon)...the practice definitely came in handy. We prepared the tamales and then we steamed them for 2 hours. The time involved in this meant we realistically could not prepare 80 corn tortillas as well so we sent someone to purchase fresh corn tortillas from Casa Mexico.

**All photos by Kerstin Rodgers**

Several boxes of extra spring onions were grilled to accompany the vegetarian tacos. The tacos were filled with sweet corn cooked with poblano and new mexican chile powder, and topped with huitlacoche (mexican corn fungus) and a sprig of corinader.

For the main, Kerstin took control with her special black bean recipe, freshly seared tuna steaks and tomatillo salsa made from fresh tomatillos that she had bent over backwards to track down that morning. An amazing feat to source tomatillos in London the morning of!! 

A crazy day of cooking but definitely worth it and a fun way to get in the Mexican cooking spirit for the launch of my Mexican Supper Club in September.

This is what we served... 

Nibbles: guacamole and salsa served with watermelon margaritas.

Canape: Jalapeno Poppers (recipe in Kerstin's book, Supper Club

Starter: Green Chile, cheese tamales with veggie tacos and grilled spring onions

Main: Grilled tuna steak with tomatillo salsa on black beans...and steamed rice
Veggie option: Portobello mushroom steak (prepared by Celia Brooks)

Dessert: Chipotle-Chile Chocolate Cake with Mexican Cinnamon Ice Cream
*this will be served at my Mexican Supper Club

Entertainment: Havana Barbie

**Photo credit to Kerstin Rodgers**


theundergroundrestaurant said...

Your dessert was one of the best things I've ever eaten.

Rosana said...

I've tried the cake too. It's a winner! Looking forward to your supperclub!

Tiff said...

So glad you enjoyed the Chile Chocolate Cake ;) It is a winner...I think will struggle to take it off the supper club menu for fear of causing wide-spread disappointment!

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