06 January 2012

if amaretto and tequila had a baby...they would call him Almendrado

When I was home in Arizona this past October, my mum introduced me to my new favourite liqueur, Reserva del Señor Premium Almendrado by Tequilas del Senor. I should preface this by saying: I love amaretto (Disarrano specifically) and I love tequila. Not the harsh horrible-ness that is most commonly found in the UK, but the aged lovely, tasty stuff that the Mexicans drink like whisky. So if you're with me...you love amaretto and you love GOOD tequila...then imagine a lovely sweet sip of amaretto with a little tequila punch and a sweet nutty fade into the next sip. It is unbelievably good! It was launched in 2002 and was rated "Exceptional" at The Chicago Beverage Tasting Institute and then won the Gold Medal in 2008 for Top Tequila Liqueur at the Agave Tasting Challenge in Cancun, Mexico.

This bottle lasted me less than two months...and I only shared a few sips. Now I realise it cannot be found in London...my mum says it is actually hard to find in Arizona. So this is my pleading blog to any UK Tequila distributor, Please stock this NOW. I NEEEEEEED!!!!
If you're reading this from the USA...you're in luck...just go to The Old Town Tequila website to order yourself a bottle (or 2 or 3)...sadly the shipping charge to the UK is nearly £150.

I was not given any incentives to write this...I am writing it because I LOVE it and I do actually want someone to sell it in London.

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