13 April 2011

sherry and ham...by invitation


I am a regular reader of The London Foodie and have written a few guest update reviews for the site. As a result, I was invited to join Luiz at the press opening of Capote y Toros, a new sherry and ham bar by Abel Lusa, the owner of Cambio de Tercios and Tendido Cero.

I found Capote y Toros easily. It is located in South Kensington, a short walk from Earls Court Tube Station. I arrived just as Mr. London Foodie himself and we entered as the very first guests of the evening. The place was small but well decorated to go with the name. Capote y Toros translates to Cape and Bulls and the walls were covered with images of bullfighting. We were immediately served a Fino, a very dry sherry, that was complemented by salted almonds and olives. We were seated in the bar stools just under the impressive display of over 100 types of sherry that the bar has on offer. It is the largest sherry bar in London and possibly the world; even Spain doesn’t have one as impressive!  Soon after we tasted the delicious high quality Iberico ham. It was very thinly sliced and full of flavour. That was the beginning of an endless flow of Andalucían tapas that included anchovies, albondigas and a selection of ham.

The resident sherry expert, Emanuele, gave us an informative lesson on sherry. Luiz was already quite knowledgeable but it was all new to me. Our sherry glasses were always full with samples of Finos, Manzanillas and Pedro Ximénez. We even tried a mix of Manzanilla and Pedro Ximénez. The combination was delicious; not too sweet and not too dry.

Capote y Toros is a lovely new place to stop for a quick drink or for an educational sherry experience. The menu offers a sherry flight that provides the opportunity to sample a selection of different sherries with matched tapas. I think this would be an excellent option for a novice sherry drinker. If you really don't want sherry, don't worry, they have an extensive wine list as well.

I have not had the opportunity to try the sister restaurant (Cambio de Tercios) or tapas bar (Tendido Cero) located on the same street. However, based on my experience at Capote y Toros, I plan to try each of them in the near future.

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The London Foodie said...

It was a lovely evening spent with some great company! I would love to go back to Capote y Toros! Thank you for the mention.

Luiz @ The London Foodie

Rants and Plants said...

No way. I am an American food blogger living in London, and I am from Tucson and love Nico's. Small world, great blog!

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