04 April 2011

a charm-ing breakfast

Breakfast is in fact, my favourite meal of the day. There are several reasons for this… I prefer morning workouts so a nice breakfast is a great post-workout treat; I love coffee; fresh juice is great; and EGGS…eggs are amazing!! Plus, there is just something lovely about beginning the day with a hearty and delicious breakfast before you head out to tackle the world.

Fortunately, one of my favourite people, Charmian, is also a breakfast lover. She introduced me to the The London Review of Breakfasts, which is a fun read. Charm and I have started to have occasional pre-work breakfast dates (this was #2). I love these because it is very rare that I bother to have a real breakfast on a work day. Plus, it allows me to explore some of the breakfast outlets that central London has to offer. Of course, my favourite part is catching up with Charm herself. She is a tough one to hold down, but I have found that she rarely has any other bookings at 8am on a Tuesday. ;) We meet in South East London, where we both reside, and cycle in together. This means that by the time we reach central London we both feel we deserve a nice breakfast!

This time we chose Fernandez and Wells. I was immediately disappointed to discover they don’t do hot breakfast. They had a table full of lovely cakes, but I wasn’t really in the mood for something sweet. I went for pancetta on ciabatta with egg mayonnaise. I wasn’t too excited about this choice and wondered while waiting for it to be prepared if I should change and just get something sweet. Here is a pic of our lattes and Charm’s croissant as we waited for my brekkie to arrive.

The ciabatta was actually very good. I enjoyed it and the coffee was delicious. Charmian made the intelligent observation that it was very strong, but me being typically greedy got a second cup and spent the rest of the day resisting the urge to run circles around my desk!!

In sum, this probably isn’t what I normally look for in a breakfast. I would rather have something cooked and table service. However, If you fancy a quick coffee/cake break from an afternoon of Soho shopping I reckon this would be just the ticket. If you are on your own the seats by the window are great for people watching. It is on the expensive side, but the quality of the coffee is worth it.

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