08 March 2011

my first bloody mary in London...bloody delicious

So a new concept in supper clubs (at least new to me) ... Brunch!!!  Alexis of Lex Cook You Eat hosted an extended brunch extravaganza this past Saturday!

My morning began as a typical Tiff-style-near-disaster. Sometimes I can be so organised and sensible and sometimes so...NOT!!!  I woke up mildly hungover and ran out the door for a theory test to finally get a British drivers license (I have a USA one, but it is technically no longer valid in the UK). I failed it by 1 point wasting my time and about £30...I should have just stayed in bed an extra hour. To get over my frustration, I decided to salivate at the Borough Market a bit before I headed east for brunch. When it was time to make a move, I got out my phone to double check the quickest route and...guess what...dead...I hadn't charged it. I had stopped writing down vital information, like addresses, when I got my Iphone and I had no idea where I was meant to end up. So after a brief detour to the gym to get the address from my email (luckily I am a member of one that has multiple locations and the Internet), I arrived at Alexis' lovely warehouse flat 20 minutes late.

My tardiness was not even noticed as I was greeted by my two beautiful hosts and handed...a Bloody Mary!

***imagine a lovely photo of a Bloody Mary with a single stalk of celery*** 
(photo not possible due to dead phone)

I love Bloody Marys...plus what a perfect hangover cure! A Bloody Mary was probably my first cocktail long before I was old enough to drink cocktails. My mum makes an excellent version and having not had one for years this one hit the spot!! I must say it would have been even better with a toothpick full of plump green olives...I love Bloody Mary flavoured green olives...mmm!!

So back to Lex's brunch...The afternoon flew by in a whir of relaxed conversation, amazing food, mimosas, delicious coffee and more pastries than I ever thought I could eat in one sitting (friands, croissants, English muffins, Chelsea buns)! The orange juice, sweet chili chutney, coriander dressing, lime marmalade, pineapple marmalade, butter and cashew butter were all homemade condiments that added that extra special yum factor. I will be making a trip to the Broadway Market in the near future to score my own bag of Climpson & Sons coffee. I had about nine cups of the stuff and was not able to even attempt sleep until 4am.

The brunch menu to beat all brunch menus:
  • Baked quail's eggs with spicy peppers
  • Sweet potato fritters with fried halloumi, avocado salsa, coriander sauce and sweet chili jam (with bacon on the side)
  • Pears poached in prosecco with home made granola and a dollop of Greek yoghurt 
  • pastries, pastries and more pastries

Each dish was delicious and unique...if this is brunch I would love to visit for dinner!

Recipes for pastries and poached pears can be found at Lex Eat!...
I imagine pics are soon to come by other, more organised guests Niamh and Jo...


LexEat! said...

Wow I had no idea all the drama that had already gone on before you got to our house!

So glad you enjoyed the brunch - we certainly enjoyed spending the afternoon with you.

Thanks for such a lovely post!

Tiff said...

Lex, you were so welcoming I completely forgot all the drama the moment I entered your front door!! It was a great time and the write up in Reuters was good too (although I am not sure about my picture).

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